HoldemX™ utilizes an additional metadeck - your xDeck - that has the power to turn the tables on conventional poker strategy and turn heads up play into a battleground where even if you’re down, you’re rarely ever out.

HoldemX’s multi-layered gameplay mixes a Heads-Up No Limit Texas Hold’em experience
with turn-based video gaming elements via 3 different gameplay modes, the basics:

HOW TO PLAY Holdemx™

  • Your Normal Hold’em Hand
  • Using your Cards
  • Make your own hand stronger
  • Make opponents hands’ weaker
  • Change action & gameplay dynamics:
  • Normal HoldemX
  • FaceUp HoldemX
  • Hidden HoldemX

Though re-imagined along videogame dynamics - HoldemX™ is still poker at its core. The Player’s hole cards are as important as their xCards. Starting hand quality still matters - and all normal No Limit Hold’em hand rankings still apply. The same betting rules apply as well.

Not very familiar with how to play No Limit Hold’em & the game’s basics? Don’t worry. Head over to our rules page to get a full rundown on normal Hold’em rules as well as HoldemX rules HERE.

In HoldemX™ your hand’s face value & the community board aren’t the only things which determine how good or bad your final hand is. Missed the flop? Not happy with your top pair or worried your hand won’t win against your opponent at showdown? The xCards are here to help. Your xCards let you change gameplay in 3 fundamental ways

Make your own hand stronger
Make opponents hands’ weaker
Change action & gameplay dynamics

When the time is right and the pots get big enough its important to come prepared. Focus on your own hand.

Use xCards you need to maximize your hand value, complete draws and get closer to holding the nuts by showdown secure wins when in crucial spots.

Just like in normal No Limit Hold’em, in HoldemX reading your opponent’s motivations is very important. Be very aware of how your opponent is changing the community board and their own hole cards.

Its information that can help you unravel what hands they are trying to make and - in response - enables you to use your own xCards to thwart their plans in certain spots.

When changing card values isn’t enough, or isn’t an option - changing the game is always an option too. Use certain xCards to add a 6th community card after the river, force opponents to take back bets and more.

Gain as many extra chances to hit your hand, change up dangerous boards and keep the advantage in your corner as you can. In HoldemX™ it will often mean the difference between winning and being demolished.

No twists. Just pure HoldemX™ - Ban up to 3 of your opponent’s xCards, draft up to 6 of your own & play. Players can’t see each others xCards until they are used during a hand.

Banning and drafting rounds stay the same but when it comes time to play, both players see one another’s xCards - you’ll know what your opponent is capable of & visa versa. Knowledge is power - how you play against their xDeck is your choice.

In Hidden HoldemX™you won’t know which xCards your opponent has banned - you’ll be free to choose from all xCards while drafting your deck but beware - if you draft a banned xCard you’ll be in for a painful surprise when you try to use it in a hand!

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